“I grew up in two places, in two houses, both on the edge of a forest, hundreds of kilometers apart. In between we move. We drive across three borders. Through the car windows, I watch the passing, flowing landscape. Clouds slither around tall mountains and snuggle against them. Ground, light, trees transform. The landscape flattens, like a giant playing field. The horizon appears as a long, elusive line that we can never reach.

Landscapes span between my works. The studio lets me move. My impressions and feelings turn into maps– without orientation. The world shows itself between my fellow human beings, places and things. My art is not a window to the world, my art is a part of it.

Inside and outside change, create tension, become units, disintegrate into multiples. Things are overcome, surpassed – but remain connected.

My art is the experience of landscape.”

Olga Moș, Juni 23