Olga Moș

born in 1986 in Resita, Banat, Romania

grow up in Obergriesbach, Bavaria, Germany, from 1990

Postgraduate Studies

2021 – 2023

Master’s Degree in Painting and Drawing, Class of Jorinde Voigt, HFBK Hamburg

2017 – 2018

Guest Studies, UDK, “Art, Life, Art of Living” and “Artistic Work in the Context of Social Development,” Berlin


2012 – 2017

Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, Majoring in Painting under Urs Freund, Center for Art, University of Augsburg

2011 – 2015

Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Science, Specializing in Aesthetic Education, University of Augsburg

Selected Projects and Exhibitions


studio., Evelyn Drewes Gallery, open studio and exhibition, Hamburg

Graduate Show – Master’s Degree Exhibition, Painting and Drawing, Landscape, Production of Landscape, Group Exhibition, Hamburg

Short Break – Class Voigt as Guests, Group Exhibition, Evelyn Drewes Gallery, Hamburg

Annual Exhibition, Group Exhibition, HFBK, Hamburg


Picture Landscapes, Group Exhibition, Ballet Hall at Kulturhaus Abraxas, Augsburg

No Vacation, Solo Exhibition, Butcher Shop, project space, Augsburg

Shifts, Group Exhibition, BAS CS Gallery, Berlin

Selected Works in the Short Film “Crossing Lines” by Elena Pilar Nyffeler [Premiere 2022/2023]

Counterpoint, Interdisciplinary Art and Music Project on Two Event Days, Notation, Dialogue, and artistic Collaboration, HFBK, HfMT, Hamburg

Annual Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Class Voigt, HFBK, Hamburg


Morning., Group Exhibition, Inselgalerie, Berlin

O., Solo Exhibition, OKK/Room 29/Project Space, Berlin

centrul de interes, International Art Exchange Program with Community Exhibition of Kolonie Wedding/Berlin in Cluj, Romania

zuzuzuAuf, Group Exhibition, Park Gallery, Berlin


Anna Blume, Group Project from Four Cities (Augsburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich), Gallery am Graben, Augsburg

The Invisible Woman, Jewish Museum, Group Exhibition, Alte Synagoge, Augsburg


Artvent, Group Exhibition, Gallery am Graben, Augsburg

Z-wie-Spalt, Skarlett & Olga, Duo, Studio 8, Berlin

Statics and Change, Solo Exhibition, Strada Petru Cercel 1, Bucharest, Romania


Image Borders, Art in Public Space, Solo Exhibition, Taubenschlag, Cultural Festival of the City of Augsburg

The Limits of Perception, Solo Exhibition, Atelier Le Filou, Augsburg


The Apple Tree, Project Exhibition, Center for Art, University of Augsburg


Phoenix, Project Exhibition, Center for Art, University of Augsburg


The Yes-Sayer/The No-Sayer (Brecht), Collaboration with BLUESPOTSPRODUCTION, Stage Design, Brechtfestival, Brecht Hoch 3, Media Award, Augsburg City Theater

Under an Apple Tree, Art in Public Space, Experimental, Interactive Group Exhibition, Schwabencenter Augsburg

Paradise Reclaimed, Three-Day Art Event, Augsburg

Scholarships and Support


Studio support from the Evelyn Drewes Gallery and the City of Hamburg

2021 to 2022

Bayern Innovativ, Fourteen-month project grant for artistic advancement


Cultural Office Augsburg, Project Scholarship for Anna Blume Exhibition Support

Study Abroad

2018 – 2019

Bucharest, Stay for Artistic Research and Development, Art Education Project with Roma Ethnicity Children, Erasmus Funded, Romania

Professional Experience

2006 – 2018

Social Work and Social Care, Child and Youth Welfare in Augsburg and Berlin

Cultural Work

2011 to 2016

“fabrik unique” AWAKA. e.V.: Establishment and Organizational Management of a Self-Managed Cultural Center, Augsburg

Commissioned Works and Artistic Assistance


For a Visual Artist